Our Approach

We embrace a rounded approach to eCommerce that encompasses four 5 components, all of which play an important role in providing the optimum solution.



Every business has a special story. When we close a deal, first step is to get familiar with your business model, customers, target audience and channels. The more we know about your aspirations and restraints, the more successful we will be in the creative process. This is the most important phase – because we need to set the right goals and methods together. The common goal for online stores is to make money, but the methods bring variety and excitement.



It is time to conceptualise the informations and ideas we collected in discovery phase. This phase includes the wireframe and functionality specifications. The wireframe stage is the best moment to assess and make decisions in regards to design, feature flow, content planning and development. By planning the features prior to design, it gives the developers a bigger picture of the modules that are coming on the scene, customisation, and it helps to spot potential problems and prevent mistakes.



Time to bring wireframes to life. By following your visual identity, designers are creating a visual appearance of your future website. We pay special attention to details and at the same time following industry best practices. It is much easier to change a part of the design in this phase than to go back after development and fixing it later. Once the design phase is complete, frontend part of development can begin. During the full project lifecycle, designers are providing quality assurance for the visuals.



In this phase, designers, frontend and backend developers join forces in building solutions previously discussed. This phase also requires a constant communication because a new approaches and edge cases can be discovered only when we start to work and gain new insights. We believe that the testing is an integral part of development phase. It includes cross-browser testing, feature testing and performance testing.



The job of growing an online store does not stop after the launch. It really starts with that moment. When the visitors start to arrive, we need to understand and measure how do they use the site. It is very common that they act differently then the creators wanted. Therefore, with the launch of new website, we are entering into discovery mode again. After new insights, we need to plan new actions, design and develop them. Then over again, continuously improving process, making the site more easy to use and the customer more happy and willing to buy. This is the everlasting process, but also the only approach if you want to grow.