Magento maintenance service

After providing great development and design services, we do not leave your eCommerce business just like that – we engage in a more meaningful relationship, we dive deep in marketing tactics, SEO, product placement and optimisation.
We provide the people, the process, and the know-how, to help you achieve your goals.

Magento maintenance and support is a combined effort of our in-house team that is professionally educated to know the possibilities of Magento from the development, design and analytics side.
Pero Tolic – CEO @ Polleodigital

Our team of highly dedicated and energetic Magento developers consists of experts when addressing issues associated with site maintenance, management and custom integration. Experience in Magento site support and maintenance makes us protect your site from becoming prey to various exploits.
If an eCommerce website faces attacks, it harms the entire site but also the whole business, as creating and maintaining backups takes days. By adding latest updates and vulnerability patches we can achieve exceptional protection of your shop.

Our magento maintenance skills

Magento bug fixingMagento Bug Fixing. If you are running a Magento site, then you might experience issues and facing bugs this is where our Magento maintenance service can help.

Magento live consulting Magento isn’t always easy, we know this. We offer live consulting and training sessions on the site or VIP to cover things you’ve been putting on hold.

Magento maintenanceYour eCommerce website is a sum of moving parts. From the content management system to internal and external notifications and third-party integrations, your website has to perform like a well-oiled machine – and this is where regular Magento consulting can help.