Magento design that converts your visitors to customers

Magento design is different from your usual shopping cart design. The main goal of any good eCommerce design is to increase the probability of a transaction. Yes – great design, visual elements, navigation, clear CTA and fast response time will help immensely.
We provide the people, the process, and the know-how, to help you achieve your goals.

We try to balance our clients, there customers and there Marketing campaigns. A We try to balance our clients, their customers and their marketing campaigns. A webshop is complex, and the marketing for it is more advanced. Converting visitors to customers through Magento design helps us from day one. Vice Rukavina – Digital Marketing Manager.

Sometimes the simple solutions are not the best ones for your business, finding a great balance between your ideas and your customers’ expectations is where we can help you. Apart from looking good, your design needs to take into account functionalities and your customer expectations. A good design that communicates meaningful information will create a smooth user flow and increase your transactions.

In order to improve your eCommerce store we not only create modules & extensions, we take it further and create appealing concepts with great Magento design at its core.

Rich user experience delivers long lasting customer relationships so your business can achieve great lifetime sales, with low customer acquisition costs.

Our Magento design skills

Magento designLet our eCommerce experience tackle your complex business idea to create an everlasting design for years to come. We pour our passion and best of our knowledge to create a great eCommerce design.

PSD to Magento designConverting PSD to Magento is easy. We convert your designs to responsive Magento themes, hand-coded, SEO friendly and make parts easily edited by the admin.

Conversion design Magento designWe create a best value design that makes your idea effective in online sales. Out conversion optimised design will be: Usable, Persuasive and Prioritised.