LAMP development

LAMP is an open source web application and development ecossytem, mostly free for developing and deploying simple or complex database driven websites on the server. LAMP is the platform of choice for the rapid development in the global competitive market for deploying low-cost, reliable, scalable, secure web applications for small to large scale web applications. We can transofrm you idea to reality in couple of months so you can focus on the important parts for your business.

Polleodigital, one of the leading PHP development company in Central Europe with HQ in Croatia and Offices in Berlin/London – providing solutions that comply with short term or long term Goals for many business based in Europe.

We have successfully executed a wide range of LAMP application development projects for organizations with dissimilar business requirements. Be it a simple or complex project, our aim has always been to develope custom solutions to fit business needs.
Pero Tolic – CEO @ Polleodigital

While people’s attention is being moved from web browsers to mobile applications, LAMP has taken an important role in creating APIs that provide the necessary data for these mobile apps to work in a collaborative way, such social networks, sales applications or any kind of information that is shared from one device to another. This is also achieved by the use of web services created in PHP as back-end server.

Our LAMP development skills

LAMP Performance Tuning LAMP Performance Tuning: If you are running a LAMP application sometimes you users will experience slow repossess time, that are usually date back to bad programming or server optimisation.

Magento live consulting Best pratices: To keep our clients a stope ahead of competition we educate and implement lot of best practices.

Magento maintenanceOur PHP developers are experienced with Object Oriented Programming, Model–view–controller (MVC) pattern, Rapid web application development frameworks like CodeIgnitor, CakePHP, Zend and Flex.