Landing Page development

Studies show that when people click into a site, they immediately scan the page to see if it contains the information that they are looking for. If it is not readily apparent that the page contains the information that they requested, the majority of people back out.

Effective landing page design includes more than flashy images, quote forms, and relevant content. We take an outside-in approach to landing page design. What types of information are users looking to get? In what ways should they interact with the site? How can we get them to convert as quickly and efficiently as possible? The answers to these key questions should drive both the design and architecture of a best-practice landing page.

Once we build your landing pages, we then focus on continuously optimizing them by leveraging website analytics. By utilizing A/B creative testing, we ensure that conversation rates are always being built upon.
Pero Tolic – CEO @ Polleodigital

Google AdWords assigns Quality Scores to each keyword based on a number of factors. One of these factors appears to be how well the keyword ad is related to the text on the landing page. As such, categorizing your Ad Groups into keyword themes and aligning these themes with the landing page text will help your Quality Scores and increase your return on ad spend.