100% native iOS Development

Yes, “iOS development” means we’ll develop you iPhone or iPad application. And boy, how good are we at that! How good! And “native” means we write code the right way – totally optimized for end users, your customers. When looking at our apps, customers sometimes forget that what they’re only looking at is a set of programming instructions running on iPhone’s microchips. Your app will evoke emotions with beautiful app-usage experiences.

We Do It 100% Native?

– data-intensiveness (superb collaboration of your app with user’s phone architecture)
– fluidity (your users will simply perceive that irritating slowness)
– better user experience, generally speaking
– graphics performance
– mature development in mature tools (hybrid is still young)
– platform-dependent design (if you’re iPhone 5 user, you’re expecting different design then some Samsung users)
– responsiveness
– state-remembering (great navigation)

Because of those drawbacks, hybrid apps are easier to make and are cheaper alternatives to native app development. We don’t want to make low quality products, and thus DeCode doesn’t offer hybrid development as a service.
From the words of Alex Williams from Tech Crunch: an elegant app is like a fine yacht. Built the right way, the app can have a sense of elegance that provides the customer with an optimal experience.
So, even if you won’t work with us on your next iPhone application, be sure that your contractor communicates to you what you’ll be getting – hybrid or native.