Ecommerce for startups

Regardless of recessions or great depressions, it remains certain that there’s always room for businesses built by innovators willing to continue dreaming. While various industries and markets decline overtime, others rise to take their place. Commerce will always be necessary in some form or another as long as humankind exists and has a hunger for anything. We keep our clients and partners laser-focused on lasting values. That is why we do not discuss how we will be used from your side, but rather how we can provide a range of possible cost scenarios and value-adds with your baseline requirements.

High Impact Marketing Strategy on a Low Budget

There are dozens of ways to market your startup and you probably won’t run out of ideas. The key to marketing your startup successfully, however, relies heavily on your ability to tell stories that your target audience will relate to. You could spend a ton on advertising or run a well maintained blog, but nobody will care about what you’re saying unless it evokes an emotional response, aligns with how the consumer envisions and expresses their own style or is a product whose value is amplified by peer participation.



Choosing an eCommerce platform for your online store can be a daunting experience this is where we help e-commerce startups. There are many providers new, old, and truly tested, that are available in the market. That being said, it does seem like shopping for a new car – a very personal experience, as you try to find the platform that meets your specific needs and requirements in cost.


Working system.

We organize around business functions, not people, by building systems for each business function and automation for a lot of manual processes . We let systems run the business and people run the systems. People come and go but the systems remain constant and generate profit if they’re automated.


Mobile potential

Simply developing a mobile app for showcasing your startup’s products is not the sum total of a successful mobile strategy. While mobile commerce is booming and becoming a buzzword, there are lots of steps to be taken to make it profitable in eCommerce.