5 E-Commerce Problems that have solutions

Pero Tolić Mittwoch, der 11. Februar 2015

Product & Price Management

Product & Price Management can be difficult when you don’t have a real-time grasp of stock status or a way to analyze pricing. By leveraging the centralized database, order fulfillment, sales analysis of price & promotions, and adjusting buying strategies to meet current market demand are possible across all channels — bricks & mortar and e-commerce alike.

Interface Capability

Interface Capability is important when existing and third party sites are involved. Without integration between applications, there will be a potential for loss of important information time and time again. The “Gateway” acts as a link, maintaining and integrating a consistent, reliable flow of data.

Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management is a constant challenge as retailers compete for a market that expects high standards of personal attention. Customer analytics requires customer information — and understanding your customers improves relations and allows targeted marketing campaigns & loyalty programs.

Inventory Control

Inventory Control also has to be real-time or a potential sale can be lost because the item is available but not registering as in stock. Prevent lost sales and maximize sell-thru by having up-to-date, accurate stock information.

Order Capture

Order Capture keeps the customer informed of what is happening so they don’t give up in frustration while waiting for confirmation of status. All orders from the shopping cart pass through the E-Commerce Gateway into the Order Decision Engine, where the fulfillment process begins, confirmation of shipment is given, and the payment can be processed.