Android Development

By creating a vision for your business, we create a destination. We work with entrepreneurs, start ups and established organisations and achieve quality results by listening to clients ideas and through expert understanding of a vast range of industries. Our team will listen to your needs to build your brand. Our exciting creative team, expert strategists and clients work together to build the journey extraordinary.

The Android market is the biggest one with millions of users. Developing an application for Android you can reach extended audience and significantly grow your sales. Our talented android application developers will help you build and maintain your applications to assure that your products and services gain success and become popular in the mobile sphere.

We are aiming to develop the mobile applications with the features that the clients may look for other than design and development of customized Android apps. We also develop multi-featured mobile apps that can attract mass amount of users and which supports any smart phone or mobile device.

What an app can do for your company

Google has estimated that there have been over 900 million Android activations to date, that leads to roughly 75 per cent of all smartphones being Android based. With 48 billion apps downloaded since 2008, there is huge potential in the market for a new Android app.

– Developing an Android app provides several advantages for businesses such as:
– Attracting new customers through a new medium
– Enables a better understanding of how customers use your service or product
– Meets the customer demand for convenience and simplicity when completing tasks
– Boosts the visibility of your brand

The Android operating system offers ample opportunity for business growth as its flexibility enables companies to react quickly and efficiently to customer demand, with the prospect of increasing your revenue.
If you would like to discuss building an Android app for your business, contact us today to speak to one of the team at Apadmi; we offer advice for app development strategies as well as maintaining and improving any existing app you may have.